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December 06, 2023
December 06, 2023

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Veteran singer Prof. Amara Ranathunga the wife of Dr. Dayarathna Ranathunga, passed away at the age of (79) last night. She had been receiving treatment at a private hospital for the past several days. The funeral will take place on Thursday (18), according to family members. Amara Ranathunga is the wife of veteran singer and musician Dr. Dayarathna Ranathunga and is also considered the the first Professor of Music in the Sri Lankan music field.


ජනප්‍රිය ගායන ශිල්පී  රොනී ලීච් මහතාගේ දේහය මහජන ගෞරවය පිනිස බොරැල්ල බෞද්ධාලෝක මාවතේ අංක 483 ජයරතන මල් ශාලාවට අනුබද්ධිත "respect home" VIP පරිශ්‍රයෙහිදී (  2018/10/10 වන බදාදා සවස 6.30 සිට 11 වෙනි බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා සවස 2 තෙක් තැන්පත්කර ඉන් අනතුරුව ගල්කිස්ස දෙව් මැදුරෙ පවත්වන දේව මෙහෙයෙන් පසුව ගල්කිස්ස පොදු සුසාන භූමියේදී අවසන් කටයුතු සිදු කෙරේ

Popular Singer and comedian Ronnie Leitch (65) passed away this morning (October 01) due to a sudden heart attack in Perth, Australia. Having gained fame for singing over 350 songs, Ronnie Leech had contributed greatly to the music industry of Sri Lanka. Funeral will be notify later.

ජයලත් මනෝරත්නයන්ගේ හඬ නිහඬ වේදිකා නාට්‍යය ජූනි 17 දා ලයනල් වෙන්ට් රඟහලේදි.. 3.30 සහ 7.00ට...
ශ්‍රි ලංකිය ගායක ගායකා සංගමයේ ඉදිරිපත් කිරීමක්...
3.30 දර්ශනය කලාකරැවන් වෙනුවන් නොමිලේ...
6.30දර්ශනයේ ටිකට්පත් සඳහා විමසන්න

The President handed over the 25M cheque to the President of SriLanka Singers' Association Keerthi Pasquel - 05th April 2017


SLASA 2017
SLASA 2017
SLASA 2017
SLASA 2017
 SLASA 2017
 SLASA 2017
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 SLASA 2017
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 SLASA 2017

03-11-2016 : Veteran singer and musician Pandith W. D. Amaradewa, who was admitted to the Sri Jayawardanapura Hospital this morning following a heart attack, passed away a short while ago.


The Singers Association of Sri Lanka presents "SUMMER BREEZE" Dinner Dance on 02nd April 2016 at Eagles Lake, Attidiya. From 9.00.p.m Onwards - Bands : Sohan & The X periments Corrine & Company


Janaka Wickramasinghe

Veteran Singer and Musician

Vice President
tiron maddumage


Veteran Singer and Musician


Rohan De Silva

Veteran Singer and Musician

Deputy Secratary
Charitha Priyadarshani

Charitha Priyadarshani

Veteran Singer and Musician


Originally founded in 1991 January and re-organized in 2012 August with the intention of bringing all Sri Lankan singers under one umbrella. The Sri Lankan Singers Association (SLASA), with a strong and enriching presence among the singers throughout Sri Lanka acts as a voluntary organization to safeguard the future of its members and their families.

The President and the team of SLASA act in an honorary capacity to keep the ensemble in rhythm and harmony. All funds raised are used for the betterment of the association and to conduct special events to support the singers and their families in difficult situations and to help their children discover their talents and launch themselves in these entertaining art forms.

All SLASA'S activities and services are open to members specializing in any expression of song from classical, through music theatre and folk, to jazz and rock.

SLASA Commitee Members >>

SLASA Past Presidents

Sanath Nandasiri


Professor Sanath Nandasiri is a critically acclaimed Sri Lankan classical musician. Nandasiri has received several awards for his compositions; he composed the music to Sandamalige Kathawa, the first TV series on Rupavahini

M S Fernando


M. S. Fernando was a Sri Lankan baila singer. He is heralded a major player in the development of baila music and was widely popular among Sri Lankan audiences

Edward Jayakody


Edward Jayakody is a musician, singer and composer. Jayakody had directed the music for hundreds of Sinhala films and television serials; he has also composed many songs for children's programming

Saman De Silva


He is a veteran artist and a singer. A product of Nalanda College Colombo, Saman had conducted shows not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world

Madumadawa Aravinda


Madumadawa was a  singer. He is a multitallented artist participating in reality television programs

Rohana Bogoda


Rohana Bogoda is a musician, singer and composer. He was a formar Music Director of Sri Lanka Radio Ceylon.

Keerthi Pasquel
Keerthi Pasquel Img2


He is a veteran artist and a singer. A product of Dharmarage College Kandy, Keertghi also had conducted shows not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world




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