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Full Name : Ranjan Jayathilake
Con. No: 11/B 117/2/2, Maththegoda Housing Scheme, Polgasovita.
Birth Day:
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KALA BUSHANA “ State AWARDIST & Tower Hall Artist The song “Kadukaraye Shantha Sandhawe” (A serene evening in the hills) sung by the well-known artist Dharmadasa Walpola, was melodiously rendered by a Grade Four student of St.Joseph`s Vidyalaya, Gampola, delighting the hearts of receptive audience. The teacher of the school who witnessed his signing capability, showered on him their best wishes for a bright future in the world of vocal music. Amidst such blessings, it is Ranjan Jayatillake, the young student of vocal music, who has now reached the cross-roads in a musical career.

Rohini Jayakody,the popular film star and film directress, discovered Rajan`s singing talents for the first time in 1966 at the Music Fiesta “ Mahaweli Dhiyakinduri” held in Gampola, in which several popular artists participated. As a result, Ranjan got the opportunity to please the hearts of listeners by singing “Sithaka Pembara Sithuvili”, a song composed by Shelton Premaratne for the film “Hangi Hora” which was directed by Rohini Jayakody. He is one of the few Artists who have sung Tamil songs, behalf of Peace & Community of the Country & which were presented to Excellency President in Sri Lanka. Ranjan Jayatilaka is widely known as the first Police Officer in the annals of Police History who held a one man concert for the first time in police history title “Sarugi” in 1982 at the Tower hall by singing 24 songs with the assistance of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Orchestra. In addition, he had been occasionally featured on the TV and Radio networks. At present there is a very popular and Audio CD of his songs in circulation.

A few of his currently popular songs broadcast over radio channels in Sri Lanka are 1. Kubuka linde Seetala Sewaene 2. Passa Eruna Kalisama 3. Araliya Mal Saman Mal 4. Sitaka Pembara Situvili “Gramophone Record-Sung for the Film Hangihora” 5. Ruwan Nidana Hela Bimai (The first male duet with distinguish artist Victor Rathnayaka) 6. Budun Daka Niwan Dakimu Priya Sodura with distinguish artist Sujatha Attanayaka He made his mark as the winner of the “Rathne Pradeepa” award in 2001, “Sithru” award in 2004 an “Janatha’ award in 2009 for his outstanding contribution to the music industry while in the service. And also had been appointed as a “Justice of Peace” (All Island) Also Ranjan Jayatilaka has held various positions in the Sri Lankan Singers Association.



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You can listen to Some of the Songs by Ranjan Jayathilaka

01.Kangaru Dese Ipadunu

02. Saman Girata

03. Sithaka Pembara Sithuwilli

04. Wasantha Kaulu Doren

05. Pol Kattata Wathura Aran

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