Full Name : Gunadasa Kapuge
Con. No:
Birth Day:  7th August 1945

Gunadasa Kapuge (August 7, 1945 – April 3, 2003) was a legendary Sri Lankan musician. He was well known among Sri Lankans due to the philosophical background of his music renditions and lyrics selected for his work. Kapuge's one man show called "Kampana" was a historical advent of the Sinhala music industry. Kapuge's initial released was titled "Daesa Nilupul Thema" in 1973, which became an instant hit. After which, Kapuge was quoted as a 'Grade A' vocalist by the Radio Ceylon. Thus the three decade long music career of Visharada Kapuge began. The first stage drama for which he provided background music was "Thuranga Sanniya" by Sugathapala De Silva. Since then he provided background music for the highly popular musical "Tharawo Igilethi" by Lucien Bulathsinhala and several other. His first movie background music gig was for the Stanley Perera's "Sandha." In 1980, Kapuge released his first music compact cassette titled "Dhampatin Laa Sandha" featuring Malini Bulathsinhala. ;






You can listen to Some of the Songs by Gunadasa Kapuge

01. Duka Hadu Dena Raye

02. Aavado

03.Kavuruth Ennethi

04. Abhisarikawange

05. Ninda nathi raye

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