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Full Name: Ananda Weerasiri
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Mr. Ananda Weerasiri is one of the most experienced and talented resource persons in oriental music in Sri Lanka today. In addition to being a beloved teacher of many students he is also respected as an affectionate mentor, having shared his wisdom to shape the career of many young musicians.

After studying music at the Institute of Performing Arts, Mr. Ananda Weerasiri started his musical career as a school teacher in 1972.

He was also a singer of exceptional aptitude and a gifted musician both of which were put to good use by many music directors. Mr. Ananda Weerasiri himself is a creative music director and composer. He has directed music for stage dramas and teledramas.

In his career as a teacher, Mr. Ananda Weerasiri served in several leading schools in Sri Lanka and rose steadily through the ranks. Being a dedicated teacher and a strict disciplinarian, it was not surprising that several opportunities came his way to move on to administration or to take up higher positions as an educationist but he opted to be close to the pupil and counted a dedicated and unblemished service as a teacher up to his retirement.

Mr. Ananda Weerasiri is a founder director of “Kalabhumi” and in addition to being its longest serving resource person, is its mentor and counselor



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You can listen to Some of the Songs by Ananda Weerasiri

01.Song 1

02. Song 2

03. Song 3

04. Song 4

05. Song 5







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