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Full Name: C L Fonseka
37/7, Bishop Terrece, Lakshapathiya, Moratuwa.
Con. No:
Birth Day:
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Veteran Singer, song writer, music director stage and tele drama actor C.L. Fonseka better known as ‘Sonny’ to his close friends was recognized with ‘The Kala Bhushana’ award for his outstanding services in the artistic field.

C.L has been singing from the age of nine and went on to act on stage with personalities like the late ‘Rukmani Devi’ and later on in stage dramas such as ‘Rankada’ & ‘ Dhamini’. He also provided music for the Song of Moratuwa titled “Siribara Moratu Game’’ the theme song of the Moratuwa Arts Forum. C.L had the distinction of working with great names such as Pandith W.D Amaradeva, Austin Munasinghe, Anura Mahanama, Sunil Shantha, Thissa Siri Perera and emerged as a graded radio singer in 1952 during the early Radio Ceylon days.


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You can listen to Some of the Songs by C L Fonseka

01.Desa Pura

02.Jesuge Amila Le


04.Kekiri Pelena Hina

  05.Mama Wemi Ththage Bada Pisse

 06.Oyata Rathne

07.Sisil Sulan

07.Kekiri Pelena Hina

08.Rahase Keewa Prema Katha

Rahase Keewa Prema Katha__C.D.Fonseka" />

09.Thaththe Sudu Duwe

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